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E-cigarettes: The good, the Bad and the Unknown
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FAMRI Center Lecture Series

The lecture series aim to assure that FAMRI-funded investigators have an awareness of the special nature of research on secondhand smoke and of the application of their research findings to reducing the burden of morbidity and mortality associated with secondhand smoke exposure. For that purpose, the Center will be holding regular seminar series that will address the broader policy context of secondhand smoke. The seminar series will also be used for presentations by FAMRI researchers with special consideration given in the seminars not only to the research findings but also to their broader implications. We hope that the seminar series will increase synergy among the investigators and foster greater commitment to control of secondhand smoke and its health consequences.


April 1, Thomas Sussan, E-cigarettes: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown (Watch the lecture video)


November 12, Carolyn Dresler, It is Never Too Late to Quit Smoking (view flyer)

October 8, Maria José López, Understanding Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Spain through Research and Evaluation (view flyer)

February 26, Justin Hanes, Nanotechnology-enabled Drug and Gene Delivery (view flyer)


December 5, Julien Sage, Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Tumorigenesis Upon Loss of RB Function (view flyer)

May 16, Heather Wakelee, Beyond the Marlboro Man: Lung Cancer in Women (view flyer)

April 17, Sharon McGrath-Morrow and J. Michael Collaco, The Effects of Secondhand Smoke on Premature Infants: Clinical and Basic Science Explorations (PDF flyer)

February 27, Roy Herbst, Personalized Therapy for Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Lessons Learned from the Battle Trials (PDF flyer)


September 29, Jack Henningfield, Advancing Public Health by Regulating the Addictiveness of Tobacco Products (PDF slides)

June 13, Stanton Glantz, Getting Ready to be Regulated: The Tobacco Industry and the FDA

April 21, Craig Peacock, A Cell-Autonomous Requirement for Hedgehog Signaling in Small Cell Lung Cancer (PPT slides)

March 30, Melbourne Hovell, Second- and Third-Hand Smoke Exposure Reduction in Private Homes: Current and Future Clinical Interventions and Ecological Contexts (PPT slides)


November 9, Steve Tamplin, Measuring SHS Exposure in Support of Policy Development and Implementation in Asia (PPT slides)

June 15, Deirdre Lawrence, A Comparative Analysis of Policy Approaches in the U.S. and Japan to Tobacco Control (PDF slides)

April 22, Ana Navas-Acien, Are We Protecting Workers? Secondhand Smoke in Bars and Nightclubs in 25 Countries (PPT slides)

March 10, Sharon McGrath-Morrow, Oxidative Stress and Susceptibility of Developing Lungs (PDF slides)


September 29, Mitch Zeller, Tobacco Product Regulation and Harm Reduction: Undoing the Damage from an Unregulated Marketplace (PPT slides)

June 25, David Abrams, Can Tobacco Cessation Interventions Make a Public Health Impact? (PPT slides)

April 22, Dilyara Barzani, Tobacco Control in the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities (PPT slides)

January 27, Shyam Biswal, Nrf2 pathway as a target for therapy to intervene in COPD and lung inflammatory diseases


July 21, Jonathan Samet, Douglas Bettcher, Patricia Lambert, and Krzysztof Przewozniak, Where will Tobacco Control be in Five Years? View webcast

July 29, Sharon Eubanks, Expert Testimony and Proof in Tobacco Litigation

October 8, Stephen Hecht, A Biomarker for Non-smokers Exposure to a Tobacco-Specific Lung Carcinogen


January 29, Mary Bassett, Tobacco Control: The New York City Experience (PPT slides) (Low-band   High-band)

March 21, Carlo DiClemente, Addiction and Change: Understanding Pathways into and out of Nicotine  (PPT slides)

April 25, Jonathan Klein, Tobacco Prevention and Cessation for Children and Adolescents  (PPT slides)

May 23, Ron Davis, The Global March of the Marlboro man and the Growing Pandemic of Tobacco-Related Disease

September 11, Harold Varmus, Searching for New therapeutic Targets in Mutant EGFR-Induced Lung Cancers


February 20, Gerard Dubois, Smoke-free Policy in Europe (PPT slides)

March 30, Norbert Hirschhorn, The Evolution of Philip Morris's Position on Addiction to Nicotine

April 17,Secondhand Smoke and Breast Cancer Symposium

  • Cynthia Zahnow, Smoking, Insulin Expression and Transactivation of ErbB2/3 Receptors in Mammary Epithelial Cells (PPT slides)
  • Hetty Carraway, Promoter Hypermethylation As a Molecular Marker for Breast Cancer (PPT slides)
  • Venu Raman, Effect of secondhand tobacco smoke on breast cancer biogenesis

May 31, Tom Novotny, The Bioethical Basis for Tobacco Control

September 18, Jonathan Samet, Tobacco Wars: The Saga Continues

October 20, Landon King, Andrew Lane, Ana Navas-Acien, Secondhand Smoke and Upper Airway Disease


December 9, Joaquin Barnoya, Secondhand Smoke and Cardiovascular Disease (PPT Slides)